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Welcome to PinkiePie.org, a website developed by zit_x_us, Concept and domain by velvet, Hosted on GitHub pages. The goal of this website is to spread the word about the best pony, Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie is the best pony, fight me! She’s pink, which is mathematically the best color. She lives for her friends, always wanting to make them happy and smile. She loves to sing and has a beautiful singing voice. She loves hugs and is a very huggable pony. Her hair and tail are floofy. She is a great baker and has a bit of a sweet tooth. She is very cute and adorable. She is very talented with instruments and can play multiple at the same time. But that's enough about why I love her, let's hear from some other people on what they like about our pink party pony.

“She's pink.” - Bandalo

“I like how she'll do all she can do and more just to see you happy because she knows the pain of being sad and lonely” - Irrelevant_Pone

“Her floofy hair is the floofiest and probably tastes like cotton candy.” - Kody02

“She is a Chaotic Evil character, selfish, and moved only by her desires. Thing is, she wants everyone to enjoy life. That is a personal decision, not imposed by anyone but herself. Remember her origins? Nobody taught her how to smile. It was herself who discovered it. No, really. Think about it. In her childhood, she literally invented happyness. Nobody in her family had smiled before, and they lived in a very isolated place. That's why Ponk is so good. Her smile is completely genuine and pure. Her laugh only wants to show what she has inside, and her childish and random demeanors are the best way to approach the world. Every little thing is a wonder when you're seven. The longer you can be seven, the more wonderful life is. Try it sometimes. Think about a dessert, a blade of grass, the sun, a friend. And think about how incredibly marvelous those things are. Think about how these things can make you happy in a daily basis. Think how impossibly good they are. And now, think of the universe. It's big. No, bigger. Bigger than that. Yes, BIG. Imagine how everything you can possibly ever do in your life doesn't even matter to the BIG universe. And now, think about you. Your life doesn't matter for the universe, but it sure matters to you, right? Just like the blade of grass. The only thing that matters is what you think it matters. That's why I love Pinkie Pie.” - EquineGrunt

“A. She is favorite pone and spirit animal. B. She's employed, well connected to the community, and pushes to be outwardly friendly to everyone she meets, all while dealing with some kinda set of mental issues. And she’s adorable.” - N1k0l3

“She's incredibly open minded. We haven't seen it since the earlier seasons, but I remember when she was clearly being bullied by Gilda in season 1 and Twilight accused her of just being jealous, she actually considered it as a legitimate possibility that she might not be seeing. Pinkie may seem immature in her mannerisms but considering that you might be wrong even when you know you aren't is one of the most mature things anyone has done on the show” - Headscratcher4891

“Bill Watterson used to say that the secret to writing Calvin & Hobbes was seeing the world through the eyes of a child, rather than a miniature adult. I think Pinkie Pie does that better than any other character in Equestria.” - GaiusPompeius

“She reminds me of a crazy girl I used to hang out with in high school who introduced me to weed, so there’s that.” - chuchubott

“What about AppleJack?” - BlueberryPhi